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Hall of Shame – Unfinished Objects

I don’t have the heart to write any commentary on these. I was just cleaning out my UFO bin and dug up a few. I figured that putting these up on my blog might shame me to completing these projects. Also, it might be cheating, but do you think I could count the Aran sweater as a sweater project for my Sweater A Month efforts. BTW there is a gift here that I know I will have to finish before mid spring.







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February’s Sweater… almost done

Right now I’m about 70% done with my Elizabeth Zimmerman’s yoke sweater. Again, there was a lot of stockinette, and because I knit this in a cream color, I felt I was lost in a sea of milky stockinette.

I have to confess that suffer from an inferiority complex about the evenness  of my stitches when I knit it stockinette. I find that if I concentrate on getting things even, I just end up knitting fabric so tight it could double for a suit of armor. There must be some knitting workshop or exercise akin to the metronome exercises used to learn the piano that will help me achieve evenness in my stitches.

I did use the “Magic Loop” method to knit both sleeves at the same time. I’ve finally attached my arms and am ready to start the color work.

I think I can get this done before the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

Body of Yoke Sweater

Yoke sweater sleeves

Yoke sweater with sleeves attached

 Yoke sweater sleeves 2

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New projects and cartoon musings on a sweater for the original dork

Addendum: I found the link to the Scooby Doo parody from the Venture Brothers. You can view it here:

I want to knit for me…. for me and no one else! This selfishness usually occurs right after the holiday knitting frenzy and does not subside until maybe May. I’ve been ill lately and on some days I was too weak even to pick up the needles. Work has been keeping me busy and it’s been about two weeks or so, so I’m in a serious state of withdrawal and the selfish knitting thing will probably help me recuperate. I think I want to make a quick sweater so i’ve been considering making Marilyn in Gianna. I thought of using coral color… but then I paused and thought… orange sweater… why doesn’t ‘orange sweater’ feel right or sound right? OH,yeah… the chunky black glasses, you dork!

Every time I wear an orange sweater I feel like Velma from Scooby Doo. Yes, an Asian Velma. Curse that Velma! I shall never wear an orange sweater again… at least until I get a new pair of glasses.

Scooby Doo stopped being cool when Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddy Prinze became involved… though most will argue that this happened long before this when the evil little character whose name shall not be mentioned was introduced to the cast.

So how about red? A red sweater would be nice.

All this talk about the Doo reminds me of that great episode of the Venture Bros. with the parody cast from S.D. I couldn’t find a clip of it on the Tube, so here’s another favorite clip:

Come on… he’s in Depeche Mode!


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Sweater a month?

Please note: I finally had the time to edit this post and put it up. I’m actually posting this a couple weeks after I drafted it.

For the past few days I’ve been suffering from the most debilitating flu. I suppose I should have gotten my flu shot, but honestly, every single time I got the shot I got sick. So I figured this year, I’d pass. It’s been quite horrible actually. I haven’t even had the strength to knit. I think I may have been delirious because I do remember working out the dimensions and math for a blanket in my dreams….36 stitches by 60 stitch rectangles with patterns of 8 inch repeats. Maybe obsessing over the math actually helped me through the fever.

Yesterday, the fever broke and later in the evening I was able to finish my Central Park Hoodie. I actually chose this pattern to work on early in the year because I’ve been toying with the idea of really pushing my garment making skills a bit further. The Hoodie is a good project because it has some sleeve shaping that’ a little more complicated than your basic sunken arm sleeve. I felt that the hoodie would be a good start and give me a little confidence before I took on some more complex projects.

It felt like I was knitting an awful lot of stockinette, and I adjusted the cabling pattern a little.  Also, I adjusted the armholes making them a little wider and slightly longer, because I just didn’t feel that the size recommendations given in the pattern would work well. But, you know, all this work and the tedium paid off. I love this sweater in the yarn I used (Elann Sierra Aran in Lichen). It is the warmest most comfy sweater I own. Plus, if it hadn’t been for the illness, I would have knitted it in a month.

Hoodie armsHoodie hood

Hoodie back

So, I’ve been considering actually having the goal of a sweater a month. Of course, my sock knitting will lag and suffer, but, oh well. After knitting the hoodie, I’ve decided that the joy of having a new knitted garment a month is worth the toil. Plus … I HATE, HATE…. the fashion choices that we’re limited to by all the big name fashion retailers, and I feel that Portland is the BLACK HOLE OF FASHION. I like the luxury of feeling relaxed but there’s a point where you don’t want to feel like Ms. Schlumpy day in and day out. I’m not exactly Ms. Moda myself. I tend to gravitate towards more classic looks like the 1930’s cardigans and Fair Isle patterns, but there comes a time when you want just something nice or classic that doesn’t look like you purchased it at an outlet store.

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