Crap, I joined Ravelry

Yes, I followed the herd… baaaaaaaaaaaa….baaaaaaaaaaaaa,

It’s a super neat place, but I can see where it can become a time and pocket synch… there are a lot of lists of handspinners and dyers who have websites and products linked up there… some with intriguingly beautiful products.

My name on Ravelry is of course natknit.

Yarn from Whirled Yarn.


Yarn from Pigeonroof Studios



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5 responses to “Crap, I joined Ravelry

  1. Jona

    You are so funny! Wasn’t it about a year or so ago I told you about Ravelry and you said, “no way”. My how times change 🙂 I love the yarns you got pictures of. SO much fun!

  2. I’ve known about it for a while. I just refused to wait on that long waiting list with 15 000 other people. Also, it sort of felt like an exclusionary club of people… the ‘priviledged’ ones. I think they finally opened it to, we the lowly public, because they now have sponsors.

  3. E

    lol i have to admit i smiled when i read the “crap, i joined ravelry”. i was on the waiting list for ages and ages – then when my turn finally came, i made my account and was immediately overwhelmed. i didn’t log in for nearly a month before giving it another shot. now that i’m comfortable with it, i’m completely addicted.

    we’re going to have to start a ravelry anonymous support group for seroius addicts. lol 🙂

    regardless, welcome to the ravelry family. ❤

  4. Yes it is really overwhelming in there, but I think it’s a terrific opportunity to learn from other people’s experience with techniques and patterns. Going in there has already inspired me to take on some new challenges as well as finish up some UFO’s I’ve squirrled away. I would be more than glad to join your support group! As I probably need all the support I can get. 🙂

  5. Wow, how cool to find my yarn on someone elses blog! Thanks!

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