She’s NOT blinding me with science

Ah, Thomas Dolby…where are you now? I started listening to Miriam’s Knit Science podcast late last year. She does a wonderful job researching styles, techniques, and various topics on the subject of knitting. Her work has been sort of an inspiration to me. Who knows, I have been thinking… maybe I’ll start a knitting history/comedy podcast, but first I need to get a few projects done and focus on some work-related content creation.

In episode 20, she has very informative piece on the origin and manufacture of bamboo needles.  When I was in college I remember buying a bargain set of bamboo needles with sizes 3-10, an amazing steal for what I paid for them (about 10 dollars). I actually still have some of those needles in my collection; though the smaller sizes are a little bent or warped.  Before I bought these needles I used only plastic or metal ones. This was back during the “Dark Ages” when Red Hart was practically the only yarn you could find if you didn’t live in a culture or a large city where knitting stores were accessible.

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