Thank God It’s Over

Holidays are done everyone got there knitted present. Now can make things for ME!

Here’s the inventory of what was made for my immediate family (I will probably post some of the pictures I took later):

  • Grey Raglan Sweater
  • Wool (Baby Alpaca/Wool) Cowl and matching fingerless gloves
  • Fibbonacci Scarf
  • Blue Tweed Cabled Socks
  • Braided Alpaca Scarf
  • Red Fuzzy Mittens
  • Silk Ribbon Scarf
  • Retro Lace Shrug
  • Cashmere Neck warmer
  • Black and red striped socks
  • Coffee Mug Cozies

Note: I wasn’t able to get pictures of everything… Oh, well.

cashmere.jpg socks.jpg mittens.jpg
Cashmere scarf with hole Blue Tweed Socks Red Mittens
neckwarmer.jpg fibonacci.jpg
Baby Alpaca Lace Neckwarmer Fibonacci Scarf


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2 responses to “Thank God It’s Over

  1. Elisa

    I know these are items you completed a few years ago, but I am totally intrigued with your pattern for the Fibonacci scarf (read: obsesssed). Can you please let me know where its from or where I can find it? Thank you!

    • Sorry it took so long to reply. I actually made the pattern up myself. I think I used a numbers from the Fibonacci sequence: 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 …

      Sadly… I gave this scarf away so I cannot take a look at the pattern. I would separate color repeats with solid colored sections of garter stitch rows in the numbers listed above. But I didn’t really follow a sequencable pattern. The only pattern I did follow is I only used the Fibonacci numbers 🙂

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