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Thank God It’s Over

Holidays are done everyone got there knitted present. Now can make things for ME!

Here’s the inventory of what was made for my immediate family (I will probably post some of the pictures I took later):

  • Grey Raglan Sweater
  • Wool (Baby Alpaca/Wool) Cowl and matching fingerless gloves
  • Fibbonacci Scarf
  • Blue Tweed Cabled Socks
  • Braided Alpaca Scarf
  • Red Fuzzy Mittens
  • Silk Ribbon Scarf
  • Retro Lace Shrug
  • Cashmere Neck warmer
  • Black and red striped socks
  • Coffee Mug Cozies

Note: I wasn’t able to get pictures of everything… Oh, well.

cashmere.jpg socks.jpg mittens.jpg
Cashmere scarf with hole Blue Tweed Socks Red Mittens
neckwarmer.jpg fibonacci.jpg
Baby Alpaca Lace Neckwarmer Fibonacci Scarf


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Turquoise buttons from polymer clay

turquoise-mix.jpgI have this side sweater project I’ve been working on for a while and I want to use turquoise beads for buttons.  However I just found out how to make turquoise with polymer clay. I think I’ll try this out.

It suggests using a food processor to chop the clay to develop the texture and cracked look, but I think I’m going to pass on that. 

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I’m almost there.

I just attached the arms to E’s seamless raglan sweater last night… so I’m on my way to finishing this. But more importantly I’m 93% done with my Christmas knitting! Okay, I was a little Obsessive compulsive this year and put things into a spreadsheet with a bar graph, but hey, IT WORKED!


Click to get a larger view

I had a few detours including socks and handwarmers for other folks outside of my immediate family… but oh did I get to sample some pretty nice yarns. Also, the lovely thing about working with different projects with varied gauges of yarn and patterning or stitching is that I can avoid repetitive stress by shifting to different projects. Next year I think I’ll start earlier say do one Xmas project a month so I can focus on doing more variation in my gifts. I’d like to knit socks for just two family members a year so I don’t burn out on the socks and more importantly, I can knit my own socks and look forward to having pairs for myself.

I actually think I’m going to scrap the Percy Bag for now and just focus on getting the raglan sweater done. By the way, he knows this is what he’s getting, it was just to hard to hide it. He’s not big on the ceremony around Christmas, but I did get him something else that will be a surprise!

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Electronic knitty

Check this out… I think it would be great to apply to a knitted garment just for fun…. hmmm my rusty wheels are spinning.

Lilly Pad Arudino Tutorial for Electronic Embellishments for Textile Projects 


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