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Goodbye Paper Patterns

I tried this and it’s actually working quite well. I uploaded jpg versions of some PDF patterns I had onto my iTouch and now I can actually access the pattern and view it without taking a piece of paper with me everywhere. I love it.

Technology can be so wonderful sometimes.

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Am I dyslexic or just lazy? I can read charts but I can’t write them

I love Elizabeth Zimmerman’s writing, but sometimes I lament that she doesn’t make enough use of charts. There are times when the mathematician in myself would prefer to scan over visual charts instead of reading Zimmerman’s written pithy instructions. I’ve decided that it’s ironic because I myself would rather give verbal instructions when teaching than write the instructions out with diagrams.

I made up a simple little pattern for a pair of fingerless mitts about a year or so ago and I gifted them to a friend who taken up knitting since then. It was a nice little number…. a simple O cable panel surrounded by two panels of a zig-zag eyelet pattern on a stockinette background. I added a bit of snugness by fashioning a mock cable rib along the underside of the mitt. Don’t ask me for a picture because again, I’m two lazy to draw or produce one.

She asked me for the pattern and yesterday I tried to write it out, and I discovered… I’m crap at writing out patterns. At the very least, I need more practice writing them and I make excuses all the time telling myself that I don’t have the time and I’d rather spend my free time knitting. Okay, I realize that this is a very bad attitude to have and I’m sure that eventually I’ll reckon with my testy impatience and selfishness. After about twenty minutes and five or six crumpled pieces of graph paper… I just told her that I would walk her through the process telling her what to do row by row. I figured that after two repeats of the very simple pattern she would be able to do at least the length of the arm and section before the thumb hole on her own. I’d later show her how to join the mitt and then finish with a ribbed edge.

It was so bloody cold this weekend. I took a break from knitting gifts to make a pair of mitts for myself. I have a different variation which I finished this weekend. I will post a picture of these when I have the time. I used a very chunky and somewhat polar bear (beige) colored furry yarn that I purchased at a sale at JoAnn Fabrics (Sensations -Angel Hair) and knit a version of the mitts I described above on US size 10 and 11 needles. Result… in about three hours I had a pair of warm toasty hand warmers to wear in the cold outside…. with clothes, a coat, scarf and hat, of course. I love them because they make me feel like a cave woman.


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X-mas shopping complete

dragonfly.jpgI know Thanksgiving means hanging around with family… so that means you cannot knit anything for them in front of them. I just knit for those not present at the gathering (I’m not publishing a list here because I’m not sure who in my family reads my blog)… In addition to the gifts I’m knitting, I bought a ton of very nice soap. Well, not literally a ton. I also got a few other things…maybe, for myself.

You can read more about the Soap Opera store here.


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Scarf for my Alma Mater and What’s Wrong with Red Hart Yarn

Whooo Whoo… not that I have the time to knit it right now.

Though I still love gargoyles. They’re so cute and menacing at the same time.


Oh, oh, oh… I found this funny post on Red Hart yarn. Apparently items knit in it can survive horrific disasters unscathed.

Can you imagine? I wonder if enduring a flood can at least render the stuff less itchy. Though honestly, if you want to make crochet toys or amigurumi the stuff is pretty good because it’s durable and washable though still not very cuddly.

I actually made a teddy bear out of it once.

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Fixing the Facts to Fit the Truth

The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don’t alter their views to fit the facts; they alter the facts to fit their views, which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering.

 – Dr. Who.

I’m not very powerful, but I do sometimes adjust my knitting to fit my needs when I make mistakes. I do this sometimes when working with cables.  It’s easy to do if you’re working with a sort of fuzzy yarn like a mohair blend. I recently picked up an unfinished sweater project from last year- it’s an aran sweater done in worsted weight heathered wool.  I don’t have a very good track record with finishing aran sweaters. This sweater’s body is half way done… and half of  I’m actually considering converting it into a pillow cover, poor husband… it was originally for him. Maybe he’ll just get an aran pillow instead.

I really need to just practice more self-discipline with these huge projects. Maybe if I hadn’t discovered socks this year. I’ve actually completed four pairs. That might actually equal half an arm of a man’s aran sweater.

I’d take a picture of it, but it’s just sort of depressing.

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Skull and Bones and Funny Nazis

I want to design a scarf for someone with a skull and bones. I found a pretty good pattern here at the Domiknitrix.

The skull fixation reminded me of a funny funny clip from “That Mitchell and Webb Look”

Have you looked at our caps recently… the badges on our caps… they’ve got skulls on them… are we the baddies?

Catch the little skull knitting at the end of the clip. I’m not sure, but the scarf the nazi is knitting looks like it has the same graphic pattern I linked to above.


They were never going to give me the job when things were going well… Heil me though….


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