Kirby’s fine

We had a bit of a scare last week. Apparently, Kirby, our chihuahua, developed a tumor. It’s strange for a dog so young to get tumors so we were a bit worried. Our wonderful vet removed the tumor and it was sent in for a biopsy. It looks like the growth was benign, perhaps caused by something small that was lodged in his skin like a grass seed.

So, now he’s fine.  All is well.

Honestly, I never thought I’d own a chihuahua. In the past every one I’d run into was usually the scrappiest, nippy, yipping type of mutt I really didn’t like… but somehow, we ended up with one of the sweetest docile pups.  It probably helped that we really tried to socialize him with all sorts of people including children from the time he was very young. The photo below was taken when he was about three months old, and yes, I did make his sweater. That’s the greatest thing about owning tiny dogs…. you can knit their sweaters from odds and ends or orphan skeins.



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4 responses to “Kirby’s fine

  1. Christine

    Aww 🙂 Kirby’s adorable and (even though I just stumbled across your blog and I don’t know you) I’m very glad he’s okay! I’ve got a chihuahua of my own and was quite amazed that he wasn’t the yappy, shivering thing I thought all chihuahuas were at one time.

    Great sweater as well! Cordova gets some pretty nifty sweaters through scrap knitting too!

  2. Thanks much for the comment, Christine. You’ll have to share some of your doggie sweaters online. I’d love to see them. One thing I’ve noticed about all chihuahuas is that they absolutely love their owners without question regardless of their temperment. Most dogs do, but Chihuahuas seem to go the extra mile with their ‘people.’

  3. Jona

    I am SO SO happy that the Kirbster is doing well and he’s fine. I have to say I was very worried when you told me he had a tumor. I guess he’ll be giving Otto many more years of harassment, in a good way! Oh, love his sweater too.

  4. What a cute dog/sweater combo. I’m glass Kirby’s going to be alright.

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