Whole lot of nuthin

Well, I’m posting this photo of gratuitous cuteness* because I can’t seem to access all the photos I recently took of projects I’ve completed and am working on this month. This photo and another one of me scowling on the cliff above Waipea bay from two years ago (I need to verify this location actually) were the only ones I found and felt like posting. I think lately, I’ve been a little anti-web sharing… I have a Flickr account, but I use it for work. To tell the truth… I’m a bad photographer, and I don’t want to subject you to most of the blurry and out of focus pictures I take. Plus the idea of documenting my life in pictures and words as if it were the output of a tourist book has been less than palatable. It suddenly, occurred to me… this whole blogging thing, it’s a little weird isn’t it. Why would other people care about what I’m saying… why do I care about what I’m writing? Why should I share it? You know what I’m talking about right? I’m not dissing the whole blogging thing… just questioning briefly why I’m doing it, why we’re all doing it.


I did finally complete the Dr. Who Scarf in time for our anniversary. Okay, here’s the thing with me and Dr. Who Scarves… I usually start off knitting them adhering religiously to the pattern striping, counting my rows and matching my colors to the pattern. About half way through I get lazy and then start making up my own color combinations and strip patterns. It usually works out in the long run. Also, I think I truly had to stop about 2/3 a way into the pattern. I had a really bad visual of my poor hubby getting the scarf stuck in the bus or Max doors. It’s one of those cartoon funny visions that would have very untidy and unpleasant consequences in real life. So for safety purposes I kept the scarf at a ‘reasonable’ length (about 14-15 feet). He’s tall, okay.

Though, honestly, I probably won’t knit another one of these for at least three years. That was enough garter stitch to give me a carpal tunnel injury. I wonder if you could actually do a community Dr. Who Scarf project where you have a bunch of knitters working on the scarf and just pass on the scarf, yarn and pattern as it was completed.

One more thing on the Dr. Who Scarf. I’ve been sewing my ends back into the scarf, but I was knotting them at the end. Bob, who taught my sock class at the Naked Sheep told me that I could easily sew my ends in in an “S” shaped curve and that would help keep the ends nice and neat. Okay, I’ve been knitting for how many years and I didn’t know about this. Just goes to show you can never stop learning things. Though I’m sure most (knitter) people who might be reading this are thinking… Duh! didn’t you know about that?

I am nearly finished with my Sonnet sweater experiment using Plymouth Bella Colour (teal). I just need to sew on the button band and one more arm. Yes, I guess it’s been the summer of garter stitch projects. But somehow, I’ve been really liking the look of things that are knit sideways. I like the striping and the way the rows end up forming neat ribbing. One thing, I didn’t realize how heavy Bella Color knits up, it feels heavier than wool. Though it did occur to me that this density and weight might be due to the natural concentration of mass that occurs when you knit in garter stitch. I do kind of like the way it hangs.


*Please note: my dog has since outgrown his need to wear a comfort band in the house. This was just a sort of dog potty training thing we put him on early on.

Addendum… photos were finally found (actually, E hadn’t transfered them over from his desktop to the network).

Sonnet sweater in progress (probably wasn’t such a great idea to take pictures of a teal blue sweater against a teal blue couch… sorry)


Socks I’m knitting for a friend… (Using Knitpicks Essential – Meadow). Since I took this picture I ripped out the gusset and heel/turn. I found better ways to make this sock since my nifty class at the Naked Sheep.


Finally here’s the detail of the photo I took of my Wedding Shawl.


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