Please eat at this restaurant…

I found the best Indian Food in Portland at the Tandoor Oven on 4th and Oak downtown (Portland). No, seriously… they make their paneer (home made cheese) in the restaurant and they serve this absolutely marvelous ginger chutney. Everything was fabulous including the Minted Naan.

Also, if you happen to be gluten intolerant the serve a mean Dhosa (rice and lentil flour crepes stuffed with savory fillings), as well as Idilis (rice cakes) and delicious savory Lentil flour donuts.

Please eat there because I’m tired of my favorite restaurants going the way of the dinosaur because they don’t look, feel and taste like a goddamn Applebees, PF Changs or Macaroni Grill.

Crap! I just made myself hungry and angry again.

incomplete pdf of their menu:  tandoormenu.pdf


406, SW Oak Street

Portland, OR


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  1. I went yesterday, the Pudina Ghost was delicious. I plan to go back soon.

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