Video: Manos del Uruguay Scarf


Think I might have to purchase a skein now.


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2 responses to “Video: Manos del Uruguay Scarf

  1. Mariela

    Very interesting, BUT 😦 I couldn’t catch the last part of the sequence on the right side, when you grab a point out of don’t know where exactly, so as not to make a decrease. The yarn caught my attention (guess why), but then I wanted to try this stitch, but perhaps it ends up in a very bulky scarf, doesn’t it?
    I am surfing now into your site to find the pattern, as you mentioned in the video. Thank you Mariela

  2. Thanks for that! It seems like a really great pattern. I agree that it may be a thick/bulky scarf as the first poster said, but that’s why I bought a heacy wool like Manos…

    So excited! Thanks!

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