Green Wedding? Check out this yarn and dress.

So I just got my copy of Vogue Knitting (Summer Edition) and I saw the most absolutely gorgeous lace dress…


Looks like Elann used the same pattern to do a version of the dress in Hemp (their new Hemp yarn). Now for all of you girls who are looking to plan an eco friendly wedding and who like very nice simple and elegant lace numbers… even if you don’t know how to knit you might be able to enlist friends to help you out with this or a similar dress. If you have the money you might even hire someone to do the entire dress for you.  Also, you can decorate the dress even more by doing light adornment with small glass or pearl beads.

I think that also creating a nice shawl or wrap might be nice for receptions that occur during cooler or breezer evenings. An easy lace pattern in Bonsai might be nice… and it doesn’t have to be in white… you can do green or red.  Roman brides used a red veil during their weddings.

Or if you don’t mind using synthetic fibers you can always do the simple drop stitch and garter pattern in silk or poly ribbon like I did for my wedding (see image below).



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6 responses to “Green Wedding? Check out this yarn and dress.

  1. I love the dress. I could wear it in summer with ballerina flats or open gold sandals. I guarantee it would be a hit. Come cold weather, with a light fitted jacket and long flat boots and gold hoops the outfit would scream boho chic. For someone like me knitting a dress like would be an uphill task.

    And were you serious about the price? Just 5 dollars for a beauty like that? Since your blog, very sensibly, is all about the green (environment not moolah) i suggest you visit Nation Bright ( and check out their earth-friendly labels. More power to the both of you.

  2. Linda

    Your stole is beautiful….A wedding is planned in August of 2008 and I have been requested to knit a wedding stole….I love yours….Is your pattern written already as you mentioned that you had not as yet…..Or can you recommend the book you used or a good book….Thank you….

  3. Hello there,
    I used the “Sari” Yarn by Lana Grossa. I lucked out and found it on sale for about $4 off the original price per skein though. You could probably use silk or natural fibre yarns, but at up to $20 a skein it’s pretty spendy. I think it took me around 9-10 skeins of “Sari” to get the length I had. The pattern was a simple alternation between rows of garter stitch and yarn overs. I’ll try to think it out and post it in a new post.

  4. PS. For anyone in PDX who is interested…The Naked Sheep (yarn store on N. Killingsworth in Portland) actually has a a sample of the Lace Dress done in pink up on display. Absolutely Gorgeous! It’s always nice to see live examples.

  5. Lone

    Where can I find pattern for this dress?
    Somewhere on the web?
    Thanks 🙂

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