Progress on the Dr. Who Scarf

Brenda Dayne was right, doing a garter stitch project is a lot like being sentenced to Knitter’s Purgatory. It’s the same thing… over and over again. On the other hand doing row after row of garter stitch for a scarf can be sort of meditative. Just add some mantra at the end of every row. Despite the tedium, I’m gradually making progress on the Season 15 Dr. Who Scarf. By the way this is the perfect type of project to knit while watching foreign movies with subtitles – just beware of the color changes.

One caution though, it’s not the kind of project you can tote around with you even in the beginning because of all of the different colors of yarn. Anticipating the size of the project, I cleared out an old lined basket to keep both the yarn and the growing scarf in. If I have time I’ll try to list the exact colors I purchased from to make the scarf. I’m a little sad that I couldn’t get the exact shade of blue grey pictured in the photos at the link above, but in general I really like the combination of the colors I chose.




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3 responses to “Progress on the Dr. Who Scarf

  1. A friend of mine is dieing for this scarf…… Where did you find your pattern, and what yarn are you using? If you don’t mind me asking.


  2. If you’re interested you should find the information linked on my post here: Click on the colored text for the links.

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