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Damn, Summer’s almost over!

I thought I’d celebrate with a vid from one of my favorite groups Bondo do Role. FYI I think they’re coming to town (PDX) coming soon. They’re playing at the Holocene on September 27.


I started by X-mas knitting projects but I haven’t made a dent. I know I can see into the future…. I think I’m going to end up making a lot of scarves and hand warmers. Anyone else in the same spot?

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Please eat at this restaurant…

I found the best Indian Food in Portland at the Tandoor Oven on 4th and Oak downtown (Portland). No, seriously… they make their paneer (home made cheese) in the restaurant and they serve this absolutely marvelous ginger chutney. Everything was fabulous including the Minted Naan.

Also, if you happen to be gluten intolerant the serve a mean Dhosa (rice and lentil flour crepes stuffed with savory fillings), as well as Idilis (rice cakes) and delicious savory Lentil flour donuts.

Please eat there because I’m tired of my favorite restaurants going the way of the dinosaur because they don’t look, feel and taste like a goddamn Applebees, PF Changs or Macaroni Grill.

Crap! I just made myself hungry and angry again.

incomplete pdf of their menu:  tandoormenu.pdf


406, SW Oak Street

Portland, OR


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Haiku sweater for a little girl

Project Details:

This is my first shot at the Haiku pattern on Knitty. I used about 3 1/2 skeins of Bella Colour (Melon) to complete this project. I chose this yarn because it’s machine washable, and it is fine to work with; however it can snag pretty easily. I’m thinking that this might not be such a good thing for little ones who tend to get into sticky and burly situations.

Note, I love this pattern because it’s fairly simple and the construction or sewing of the pieces is fairly simple since there are only three sections to knit (the body and two arms).

Note, I’m still looking for the ‘perfect buttons’ to adorn this cute little sweater.



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Video: Manos del Uruguay Scarf


Think I might have to purchase a skein now.


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Stories to knit to – Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

It’s summer time… though here in the Pacific Northwest this year it feels like summertime has been distracted elsewhere and left us waiting thinking that it’s still late spring. As a child, I remember that this was the time for short story reading… especially ghost stories. I’m a big fan of and I found a particularly creepy but entertaining set of ghost stories in audio format there. Listening to audio books and stories of course means that I can knit at the same time.

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

The narrator, Peter Yearsly, has a very Igor-like (Eee-gor not Eye-gor) voice. His voice has a quietly creepy and yet soothing quality to it. However, if you’re already tired it may induce you into a deep sleep. The “Lost Hearts” and “Number 13” stories in particular hooked me.

I’ve loved ghost stories since I was a child. I remember always checking the boxes on the Scholastic book forms for scary stories about the supernatural. It was such a bonus whenever there was a record with stories on it. My mother would always argue with me about buying and listening to these tales of terror, because she felt that they would send my imagination off on some insomniac’s quest. Though some of my best memories of sleepovers were putting these records on the Fisher Price record player, turning off all the lights, and hiding under a blanket with friends and a flashlight. There was such a thrill in being scared back then… there still is now.


Photo from here.*  I’m a bit skeptical of this photo’s authenticity, but still.. it creeps the bejeezus out of me.

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Green Wedding? Check out this yarn and dress.

So I just got my copy of Vogue Knitting (Summer Edition) and I saw the most absolutely gorgeous lace dress…


Looks like Elann used the same pattern to do a version of the dress in Hemp (their new Hemp yarn). Now for all of you girls who are looking to plan an eco friendly wedding and who like very nice simple and elegant lace numbers… even if you don’t know how to knit you might be able to enlist friends to help you out with this or a similar dress. If you have the money you might even hire someone to do the entire dress for you.  Also, you can decorate the dress even more by doing light adornment with small glass or pearl beads.

I think that also creating a nice shawl or wrap might be nice for receptions that occur during cooler or breezer evenings. An easy lace pattern in Bonsai might be nice… and it doesn’t have to be in white… you can do green or red.  Roman brides used a red veil during their weddings.

Or if you don’t mind using synthetic fibers you can always do the simple drop stitch and garter pattern in silk or poly ribbon like I did for my wedding (see image below).



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Dr. Who Scarf Colors

As promised here are the colors I am using for the Season 15 Dr. Who Scarf made famous by Tom Baker. I used Elann’s Peruvian Highland Wool because of the rich range of colors and the cost. It’s got to be the best price for the range of colors in a 100% wool yarn I’ve seen so far. I chose to use predominantly heathered yarn because I like the rustic effect vs. the well defined look. Note: I did reduce the width to about 38 stitches across. 70 -90 stitches seemed way too large and cumbersome.

I’ve matched the colors listen on the scarf pattern page. I started with 2 skeins of each color.

  • Medium Purple – 0743 Grape Heather
  • Light/Medium Gray– 0401 Light Grey Heather
  • Very Dark Olive Green –Wasn’t really into using a dark colored olive… so I chose “Herb” as a substitute, which is currently out of stock… though you could probably get away with using 0651 Forest Glade Heather or 2308 Cedar
  • Medium Brown –0208 Malt Heather
  • Medium/Dark Red – 0727 Spiced Wine
  • Dark Yellow – 1150 Butterscotch
  • Light Tan/Beige – 282 Oatmeal Heather



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