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Floppy Bunny

Other than the scarf the bunny is all done in crochet. I’m currently hurrying to finish his little aran sweater. The kimono behind him is done in the the Bare-Merino from Knit Picks. Hopefully, I can put more details and photos up later.


Floppy Bunny

bunnycloseup.jpgYarns: Spinnaker (KnitPicks), Scarf and Sweater (not shown above) Peruvian Highland Wool (Elann).

Details: The inspiration for the bunny came from a similar toy I saw at Mabel’s Knittery. I wanted to create an English tea friend for a little girl. The body pieces and ears of the bunny were done in single crochet. The nubbly texture of the Spinnaker yarn was a little challenging to work with, but I was quite pleased with the results and the overall texture of the fabric. I’m a little sad that KnitPicks isn’t offering that particular color (Driftwood) any more. I used some wooden buttons for the eyes, embroidery thread for mouth and nose. The bunny was stuffed with polyfill. I also stuffed a lavender sachet in the body cavity so the bunny could have a pleasant and relaxing scent. Knitting and construction of the bunny only took me a few hours. I was able to finish knitting the tiny aran sweater for the bunny in time for me to give him as a gift to a little daughter of a friend of ours this weekend. There were a few spots or tiny holes in the fabric that appeared after stuffing, so I fashioned the sweater to cover these up. I actually sewed the sweater to the bunny though the neck hole was so small there probably is no way you could slip the sweater off. I was able to take a few pictures of the bunny all decked out in his sweater at the party yesterday. I’ll try to post them soon.


Baby Kimono

Yarn: Bare – Superwash Merino Worsted Weight (KnitPicks)
Details: I used the pattern for the Garter Stitch Wrap Top from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies. I was lucky enough to find a used copy of this book from Powell’s Book Store. I knit the smallest size with the worsted weight using seed stitch rather than garter for the main body. The result was a nice fluffy and warm garment for a toddler. This pattern was exactly what I was looking for because it was knit in one piece, and as I may have mentioned before I hate sewing or finishing garments. The buttons are made of shell and I purchased them at the Pendelton Woolen Mill Outlet near Milwaukee, OR. Actually, they have some good finds there, namely bulk wool for felting. The colors are limited but there’s nothing to get a knitters blood flowing like reasonably priced wool in large quantities.

kimonomed.jpg buttoncloseup.jpg


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Knitting Haiku: Bonsai Stole

bonsaiclay.jpgSorry… our digital camera is out of commission, so I used the web cam to shoot. I feel so technologically deprived. I’ve got two more skeins of Berrocco Bonsai to knit up for this stole. That will make 7 skeins total for the stole. Unknit, this yarn has a wonderful texture and the sheen from the rayon actually makes it look like bamboo stalks. My only regret is that I will have to find or make up another simple shawl pattern to knit in the Shibui clay shade. I’m quite pleased with this yarn because for the price it knits up really nicely and drapes extremely well.

I used a simple trellis pattern with sets of 4 yarn overs, alternating SSK YO with YO K2TOG every 5 right side rows. If I have time next week I’ll write out the pattern in a chart. It’s probably already out there.

picture-8.jpg picture-19.jpg

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Nanatoo the knitting demon

I got on one of those sort of fixes tonight…. I wanted to find stuff on knitting humor. In my efforts to collect knitting humor and pop-culture lore, I remembered one of my favorite episodes of the Mighty Boosh, “Nanageddon.” Nanatoo is one of the most feared demons of them all… she knits a strangling web that leaves you powerless. Warning: although the show is really meant to be silly… Nanatoo isn’t a nice lady. (Also… there’s a tiny bit of profanity).

Best quotes from this episode:
“Goth Juice… made from the tears of Robert Smith”

“Goths don’t have mustaches… you look like Tom Selleck.”

Part I
Part II
Part III

Part IV

Love the Bingo scene… and the announcer. There’s a sort of poetry to bingo announcing isn’t there? “Sixty two – avian flu… Good people are dicks, number forty six.”

Part V

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PDX Bloggers Meeting

This is just for pdx bloggers in general if your interested. I know it’s a little late (I found out about it yesterday) but here you go: 

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What can I say… I’m speechless


Love this stuff.

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Kitsch, movies and knitting style

I just went to the dentist and came back needing a laugh so… I looked up one of my favorite movies on Youtube…Peter Sellers in The Party.


I’d love to knit that mini-dress in the clip. I wouldn’t love to wear it… just knit it.
I suddenly remembered this fantasy I had of creating knit-wear and projects from movies in the past. Though the legal implications of using studio imagery would be too hairy to bear. But still it’s a thought… vintage patterns seem present in the realm of ‘hip’ (god, that’s become a rather unfashionable term lately hasn’t it?) in some way shape or form.

I found this really neat “Tribe” for vintage fashion here. If you want to get some inspiration from what others are doing in fashion design.

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My new avatar

Check it out… my very talented husband just made it for me.  I’ve always wanted alien blue skin.



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