Dragon Scales

Sorry about the dim quality of the first photo.  I’m still messing with this digital camera to figure out how to get the best photos.

I actually finished this a few weeks ago, but I really had a hard time looking at it after it was finished. I was cleaning off my craft table the other day and I found it neatly folded underneath a pile of merino and cotton skeins.

Yarn and Materials: Elann Sonata and Elann Esprit/color: Grand Canyon, dark green e beads

Details: I wanted to try designing a simple pattern using lace with some beaded embellishments. I decided to use the extra balls of Sonata I had lying around to practice. The ribbing was done in Esprit, and I used the ‘falling leaves’ pattern from Mary Webb’s Knitting Stitches for the body. I prestrung the beads before knitting for both the upper part of the body and then seperately for the rolled collar. The armholes were too deep, so I had to make some adjustments with crochet to the armholes. As you can see I’m still shy about showing off the armholes here, and honestly I’ll probably never wear this thing, but it was great to be able to practice.


I like Sonata as a yarn for doing bulky cotton cable (fat cables) sweaters, and although the fabric from this yarn in lace blocked fairly well. I will probably never use the yarn again for this type of design. It’s pretty to look at and the color of the yarn looks great, but I’m not sure it will hang well. I did like knitting with it because the pattern of the lace seemed fairly well defined even before blocking, it might be good to use to just knit sample or test lace panels when you are planning or designing your own lace, so you can see it defined first. It’s sort of like making a wax model before casting an object.

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