Nanatoo the knitting demon

I got on one of those sort of fixes tonight…. I wanted to find stuff on knitting humor. In my efforts to collect knitting humor and pop-culture lore, I remembered one of my favorite episodes of the Mighty Boosh, “Nanageddon.” Nanatoo is one of the most feared demons of them all… she knits a strangling web that leaves you powerless. Warning: although the show is really meant to be silly… Nanatoo isn’t a nice lady. (Also… there’s a tiny bit of profanity).

Best quotes from this episode:
“Goth Juice… made from the tears of Robert Smith”

“Goths don’t have mustaches… you look like Tom Selleck.”

Part I
Part II
Part III

Part IV

Love the Bingo scene… and the announcer. There’s a sort of poetry to bingo announcing isn’t there? “Sixty two – avian flu… Good people are dicks, number forty six.”

Part V


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