Knitting Haiku: Bonsai Stole

bonsaiclay.jpgSorry… our digital camera is out of commission, so I used the web cam to shoot. I feel so technologically deprived. I’ve got two more skeins of Berrocco Bonsai to knit up for this stole. That will make 7 skeins total for the stole. Unknit, this yarn has a wonderful texture and the sheen from the rayon actually makes it look like bamboo stalks. My only regret is that I will have to find or make up another simple shawl pattern to knit in the Shibui clay shade. I’m quite pleased with this yarn because for the price it knits up really nicely and drapes extremely well.

I used a simple trellis pattern with sets of 4 yarn overs, alternating SSK YO with YO K2TOG every 5 right side rows. If I have time next week I’ll write out the pattern in a chart. It’s probably already out there.

picture-8.jpg picture-19.jpg


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