What to do with old jeans…knit with them?

So I found a great pile of jeans that are out of style. I thought of saving them because they actually are specimens of denim without elastic. (Still, I do believe that whomever made it possible for jeans to stretch should win a Nobel prize).  I was curious about what to do with all of these old jeans. Even bringing them to Good Will seemed ridiculous.  Could I somehow knit strips of the stuff into a rag rug?  I did a search and actually found this neat pattern for a bag made of an old pair of jeans.

I wonder if you knit 1 inch strips with size 17+ circular needles to build the sides of a basket or bowl for storing things in.

Just a thought…  but otherwise there’s a pretty neat pattern for a rag rug here. The pattern includes recommendations for cutting sizes for the strips of different types of fabric including denim, tee shirts, panty hose, and grocery bags.


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Filed under Challenge, Creativity, Fibers, Knitting, Recycling

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