Techie Dream – Knitting Robots that make garments in one piece

I would like to see more knitted garment patterns that require less sewing. Of course, I realize I’m going to have to give up on fit. But you see, I think that would be a wonderful engineering challenge to design knitwear that you don’t have to sew in order to finish.

Speaking of knitting and engineering, I did a search on Knitting Technology and found the following article:

By the way this site has a wonderful historical time line of the knitting industry.

I’m fascinated with machines and this link actually featured different industry knitting machines. Now, I’m not advocating throwing down our needles, I just think that machines can be a thing of beauty especially when you consider the human ingenuity that went into building and designing them.

Additional finds:


Circular Knitting Machine


Sock knitting machine

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