Windows Vista, I Stab At Thee!


I curse thee… making me download a compatibillity package just so I can view materials made on your crappy products. I cannot afford an upgrade now. Why must I do this?! I honestly, don’t trust what you’re requiring me to put on my computer just so that I can view things made in Vista.

I curse thee… so a billion people start using Ubuntu in the next five years.

Why don’t you get a clue Mr. Windows. People don’t like you anymore. Actually, people never did… they just didn’t have a choice. You are like that bad prom date we had to settle with. Really lame, somewhat awkward and humorless, but at least you filled a tux. Youth and maybe novelty were the only things you had going for you, but the 90’s are long gone. Get with the Millenium!

By the way, Microsoft trowlers. (p.r. handling firms), take note… My next computer will definitely have a Linux operating system. Because I can no longer trust your products.

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