Robot based on knitting?

I just saw the Transformers movie yesterday. What a wonderful treat!

Great visual effects mixed with appealing robots and decent performances by John Tuturro and John Voight (two of my favorite actors).

So what do robots have to do with knitting? Well my husband actually found a post on one of the first viable robot designs ever made and it’s programming was based on management of strings that is not to unlike knitting. Unfortunately the article doesn’t reveal that much without paying a membership to view, but still Imagine that… knitting piloting a robot (or something like that). Makes sense to me since chart patterns often remind me of number arrays or programmed patterns.

The robot was designed by Hero in 60 AD. He must have left good documentation. Imagine that leaving excellent documentation on code even in antiquity!



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One response to “Robot based on knitting?

  1. Susanna

    That was the coolest video eva!!!!!!!!!!!!

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