This has nothing to do with knitting

But I went to a clothing store I recently discovered in  the Mississippi District of Portland and discovered that they had been robbed by shoplifters while I was making a purchase. My friend who was with me at the time was suspicious of the antics of this gang of five girls in the tiny store at once. I noticed that they were excessively and vocally fondling over things, it made me feel a little nervous but I didn’t think to much of it until my friend mentioned it after we left the store.  J mentioned that she saw the girls hiding behind the dressing stalls and acting suspiciously.  It’s really awful to think that a small business that is struggling to deal with such things or a shop owner then has to selectively eye customers or people who enter the store just because they might be acting ‘off.’  It makes me now realize the importance of being vigilant and aware of the actions of others. The shops in my neighborhood are important to me, because they support my neighborhood and are part of my community. I doesn’t matter if it’s the convenience store within walking distance or the wine shop down the street.  I shop at or go to these places because the staff are nice and welcoming and the products appeal to me… even if they did appeal to me I probably might not consider going back if the shop tender wasn’t courteous and pleasant.

I tend to live in an isolated shell, cocooned by modern technology’s isolating touch.  Maybe that’s why I find the web to be a somewhat safe place to explore.  If i’d been a little sharper and watched a little closer maybe I could have helped.  Perhaps if we make ourselves a little more aware of our surroundings (and not paranoid) we could see a great deal more happening, and if it’s bad, do what we can do to stop it.

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