Nerd Alert

I knit a version of the Dr. Who scarf a few years ago for my then fiance.  I didn’t have the appropriate camel colored yarn so I had to use Red-Heart. I absolutely hated it. Though E. says he liked it because it gave the scarf a sort of klunky look.

I still hate it.

So I actually broke down and bought the proper yarn to do it again. Maybe I’ll wear this one (in the house). Check out this site that has patterns for all 4 of the Dr. Who scarves from the Tom Baker series.  I’m doing the colors from Season 16. Okay… so I’ll be doing garter stitch forever. I have to say I’ll probably cut the width of the scarf in half (from 80 stitches wide to 40). It’s easier to wear that way. I know the purists will shriek, but can you imagine me wearing a gigantic scarf like that? I’d look like a turtle. Plus if I was going to use that much yarn, I’d knit a damn coat.


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