Excellent video tutorials on two-color knitting

Here I go again with my attempts to master two color knitting. What I love about the tutorial on this page (under “How to knit with 2 colors at a time”) is that they teach you how to create your own center-pull bobbinless bobbins for your alternating colors. This will work well for my blanket as I’ve decided not to embroider the animals.

Also on this page are some very helpful tutorials on this page including how to make a buttonhole and also do two sided knitting.  Also, this site demonstrates all techniques in both English and Continental (German) style knitting.

Knitting Help Advanced Techniques Video Tutorials 

 Knitting Help Basic Techniques


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4 responses to “Excellent video tutorials on two-color knitting

  1. susan holton

    Want to learn two color knitting using one color per row

  2. Hi, Susan. I would switch the color every row and twist the yarn in a similar way to what was demonstrated in the video at the Knitting Help site.

  3. radhika yeddanpudi

    I don’t know how to join the other yarn and no video seems to show this!

  4. Just start knitting with the other yarn. Leave about six inches of extra yarn hanging. You can always sew this end in.

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