English or German? And the Fastest Knitter in the World

Why method do you use when you knit? I just found out that I knit the “German” or “Continental” way from this great Podcast on Types of Needles and Knitting Methods:

MP3 = Knitpicks podcast #5

I agree with the podcaster that Continental doesn’t require as much movement. I don’t think I learned any other way, but I learned from looking at diagrams in Scandinavian knitting books many many years ago. More, I can completely relate to the idea of not being committed to finish a product on a schedule. I have been known to finish sewing a sweater that that I knit the pieces to two years after it was finished.  One more thing, that was mentioned in this podcast was a rather good review of a felting book that I’m tempted to get: Felt it.
I looked up the world-champion speed knitter out of curiousity…. crazy.

Speed knitting:


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